Send a letter to the editor

Letters to the editors of local and statewide newspapers are a good way to express your views on an issue while also providing important information to the public. The “Letters to the Editor” section is one of the most popular sections of newspapers, assuring letter writers a wide audience for their views.

In order to be effective, a letter must be well written and understandable. The following are some tips on writing effective letters to the editors. These tips are also helpful in writing letters to legislators or other public officials you may ask for support on these issues:

  • Letters should be around 250 words and respectful in tone.
  • Be sure to write your own letter in your own words. Don’t just copy information from somewhere else.
  • Speak from your personal experience or tell a story if you can; personalizing your letter will make it more memorable and increase the chances of getting it printed. Did you get on a health insurance plan after years of being uninsured or under-insured? Do you have a pre-existing condition? Have you take advantage of free preventative services or screenings? Does your insurance include mental health coverage? Those are excellent points to include.
  • Make just one point in the letter; there isn’t room for more.

Write your letter into the form below and we’ll follow up to make sure it gets printed in the newspaper: